Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IVIG to the rescue?

Got a call from one of the nurses at Arkansas today. I think she must have called the house first and spoken with Jill, who probably reported that I'm have a problem with these stupid flus / colds.

The nurse told me she spoke with BB who proposed I get an infusion of immunoglobulin. Basically beef up IgG with some donor cells. I'm all for it -- we'll keep my crummy, wants-to-produce-myeloma IgG suppressed and help it out with some better IgG.

I think that means more time in the chair, and side effects including headache, etc. etc. but frankly I gotta stop getting these chest colds!!

I am thankful for their proactivity in reaching out to me and recommending this course of action. Not something Dr. GD would have done on his own, I don't think. I love the aggressive bias-to-action approach that BB embodies.

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  1. Cool! And I too love the action of LR to help our quality of life in the process!!!! Let us know if it helps. Dave is getting lots of colds too, but more runny noses and sore throats. Annoying stuff to be sure.