Saturday, January 23, 2010

It really stinks having a cold with a suppressed immune response...

I've been up all night, coughing every fifteen minutes. Not quite as bad (in fact nowhere near as bad) as when I got out of the hospital last March and was coughing every two seconds. Just enough to ensure that I can't sleep.

It's 5AM...I got about 90 minutes of sleep. Didn't take Ambien...I'm tired enough, that's not the issue. It's the coughing. I took some of that Mucinex (remember the guy that looks like Pauly from Rocky? He's partying in my lungs with his friends) and it worked Thursday night, but not last night.

I continue to remind myself that my immune system isn't fixed yet. I need 32 more months of treatment before it's pronounced ready to return to prime time. I just hope those bones heal quickly so I can dose reduce!!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Nick.

    - Bob O'C

  2. It's hard to feel ill when you aren't feeling great to begin with... which is a peculiar way of saying that I hear you - having a cold on top of other issues brings up all kinds of anxious thoughts. I know it probably sounds sort of "Pollyanna-ish" but a cup of chamomile tea really can work wonders... if you need (or want) a little sweetening, use a Stevia liquid or powder instead of honey as some honey products can create other issues and Stevia comes from the root of the Stevia tree and has no known impacts, and is especially good for diabetics or insulin-reactive individuals. All this and did I tell you that I intend you are feeling better right away!!!