Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trapped in Little Rock

Folks, I was planning a major blog update but I'm just exhausted. Our flight was delayed for four hours due to mechanical issues and then weather, so our connecting flight would have been missed and we'd have been stranded in Atlanta. Instead, we decided just to stay another night in Little Rock. But it was a bit of a stressful afternoon and evening, so I'll provide the big update tomorrow.

I will say that BB declared that I am in "very profound complete remission" which is excellent news, obviously. We have learned, however, that the chemo has damaged some heart tissue and my prostate, neither of which are serious issues (so says BB) but both of which are a little depressing.

Anyhow...much more to come tomorrow!


  1. ARGH! I HATE being trapped in LR! Its an OK place, but when I want to go home, I get rather psychotic about it - unfortunately. Anyway, hope you get sprung soon!

  2. Great news! Have you ad a bone marrow biopsy, the final piece of the "complete response or remission" certification? Must show no myeloma cells. Who cares? What you are doing is working! By the way, Dr. Brian Durie, founder of myeloma staging system and I had a consult last week. I am in CR also and his point: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Pick a metaphor... Ride that horse (your successful treatment) until it drops. He stressed maintenance therapy is important and will soon be backed up with results from two new studies. Go to my blog and go back a few entries to read my three part interview with Dr. Durie. Good luck- Pat

  3. Pat -

    My marrow was in remission a couple of biopsies ago -- some straggling M-protein remained but that is now gone. Brian Durie was one of my consults before coming down to Little Rock and he was very helpful -- I thought he was an extremely nice guy and his comments were a good piece of the puzzle when I was thinking about where to be treated. I am all about the maintenance therapy -- stronger with BB than anyplace else, I think. It begins on 9/29. Thanks, Pat!!