Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Transplant B, Day +7: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Uneventful day at the hospital. Whites skyrocketed to 0.03. Immature reticulocytes went up from .24 to .32, so the climb is beginning...probably five more days before a major white rebound, is my guess. Hemoglobin fell to 10.6 and I'm feeling it...more tired today than before. Platelets jumped after my infusion yesterday from 8 to 50, but fell to 23 today, so I'll need more tomorrow.

CRP is over 20. I feel fine, but we want that number to come down. I'm hoping it was just because i didn't sleep as much last night and am more worn out.

Otherwise, doing fine.

The American Cancer Society recently published statistics on the eight most lethal cancers, one of which is Myeloma. According to this 2009 data, the five year survival rate of Myeloma from diagnosis is 34%. That's sobering data. Meanwhile, BB's data shows that 80% of his patients are still alive after four years...and if I can get into complete remission, I've got an 85% chance of remaining in complete remission in four years. I need to get that damn M-spike down to zero!!!

On that note, tumor marker data from Monday was available today. M-spike at 0.4, IgG now at 780. I'm sure it will continue to come down, but I want it at ZERO.

Be well, everyone!


  1. Hi Nick,
    Yes, that is sobering data. What I keep telling myself is that most people diagnosed with MM are much older than us and less able to withstand the rigors of the disease and treatment. I continue to look for studies done on survival rates for people diagnosed in the their 40's like us. None to be found. I for one expect us both to be around a LONG time. Chuck

  2. Don't forget that m-spikes can continue to fall after treatment ends. Many who have allo
    transplants take awhile to convert to 0 m-spike
    and even chemo meds can work this way. Tim stopped Velcade at .21 m-spike. He went to zero within 2 months and stayed there. Ironically, his last cycle of Vel only brought him from .23 to .21 which really is no change but once his body was given the chance to recover from the chemo, it mopped up the rest.