Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rotten little kids...or "I'm an idiot."

So what's the one thing that could drop a turd in the ol' punchbowl, as they say, of my progress?

Getting sick. As in a plain old common cold.

I've been taking very fastidious care of myself. I've barely left the house, when I have I've barely touched anybody or anything, and I've made very, very liberal use of the alcoholic handwash that kills germs.

The one time I broke with this because I wasn't able to? My daughter's back-to-school night, where I was assaulted by 100 kids under 10, their parents, and every piece of paper, chair, pencil and art project any of them have touched for the past month. I tried to keep the germs at bay with the handwash, but last night, I got a tickle in my throat.

This morning, the tickle is an irritation in my chest. I'm taking Airborne. But barring a sudden dose of good fortune, I'm screwed.

Why does this matter? Well they (the good folks in Little Rock) won't even BEGIN a stem cell transplant process when I'm sick, for obvious reasons. If this cold runs two weeks before it's gone, then it's going to delay everything for two freakin' weeks.

I could not be more displeased. Well, I suppose I could if my cancer was getting worse...which now that I think about it, it might in the intervening time. Unless they put me on more bridging therapy, which means more of that awful thalidomide.

Damn it.


  1. SHUCKS! Sorry to hear about the cold, but it looks like your numbers in the last post were pretty good, so I hope the cold is mild and goes away quickly with no complications!! You're a good Dad to go to back to school night. Stay well!

  2. Oh dear, NIck -- I know from my relative's experience with his cold during MM therapy that it can be an awful delay. There is a homeopathic remedy called "Oscillo" made by Boiron (a French company) that is intended to offset flu symptoms. However, I have used it myself (and on my children) for ameliorating cold symptoms very successfully. It's a kind of 'immune-booster' and I don't know if it's in your protocol to take such remedies, but I wanted to offer it up anyhow.
    Meanwhile I'll send up some healing energy your way, knowing that no good deed goes unpunished!

  3. Yeah, this is why you are NOT supposed to have cancer when you have school age children. Nobody told Tim's fairy godmother that rule either. One word of caution, be careful with herbals. Make sure you clear them with BB. They can actually work against certain chemos,
    affect your liver in some cases, and MM being an immune system cancer, they are not too sure it's a good idea to boost the immune system. It may also boost the MM. Your numbers are really low Nick. Tim's doc says that in general, low numbers don't move nearly as fast as big numbers can. Get that pot of chicken soup on.