Friday, May 22, 2009

A final brief story before round #3 of Chemo...

This technically took place yesterday, but it deserves its own entry.

One of the nurses in the clinic -- unprompted (as though one could prompt for this type of statement) -- told us that her father was a truck-driving nudist who had a tattoo of a caterpillar on his penis.

Good night.


  1. Wow! When it grows up, what kind of butterfly is it? Or, wait, maybe she meant a Caterpillar tractor?

  2. hahaha thankyouverymuch. love the visual.
    now, how to bleach my brain...

  3. Confusing to try and imagine a tractor in motion or an emerging something else... erg. Thanks for the late night humor - Conan has some real competition from you now!

  4. Thank Odin for people who make me look socially adroit. :) Best wishes as the fight approches the later stages; it really sounds like in a couple of months you'll have the cancer licked for good.