Friday, April 17, 2009

Day +8

Have hit the bottom and am ever so slightly creeping back up now. White count today was 0.03...very, very low but higher, after all, than 0.02. Platelets were only 16 so they gave me more. They are getting ready to give me a unit of blood, although I'm not yet in need of it. Otherwise chemistry looks good. CRP is 11.6, which is where it was yesterday...we anticipate a rise in this and a low-grade fever as blood counts go up. Hopefully in 3-4 days I'll be back to normal. Need to get there in two days to tie my fellow Myeloma patient blog reader who made it in 10! :)

Feeling pretty good other than just very tired. No more GI issues (actually been about three days), thank God! Now my only side effect is exhaustion -- and I can manage with that just fine.

Be well everyone!


  1. AWESOMENESS!!! Right on track! Keep up the good fight, rest well and I hope you can enjoy the weekend without too much time at UAMS! We're pulling for you to break or tie that record!!

  2. GREAT news about the tumor markers and kicking cancer in the face - kapow!!! (where are marty symbols when you need them). all the best - ep in da house

  3. I can't figure out how to edit... so...

    Mom and Dad wanted you to know that they prayed for you at Stephen Ministry week. I'll let them know that you seem to be doing well... cheers...

  4. WooHOO, Nick!
    So happy for and proud of you.
    Lots of people praying for you and shooting sunshine your way!

  5. Nick,
    I read your blog today and thought I would send you a few words of encouragement and hope. My Husband, Tom, was diagnosed 9/14/06 and we were treated in Little Rock. He went into remission after his first transplant and has now been in remission 28 months. Day 7-9 are the worst after melphalan, but you will be surprised how good you start to feel. Tom had 10 vertebraplasties,he has no back pain and is back to playing golf. UAMS gave us back Tom's health and the hope for a long and bright future. I wish the best and I'll add you to our prayer list.
    Sallye Grainger
    Birmingham, Al

  6. I had to go back and read a few posts to catch up. I'm still cracking up about the line where a nurse is "swabbing my lumens." I'm happy to see you're able to update regularly and, as always, am keeping you in my prayers.

    Some coworkers ganged up on me and strongly insisted I start reading the Twilight series. I fought the hype long enough and vampire books are just too tempting for me. Plus, they're very fitting for all your blood talk. I will pop open a bottle of red tonight and toast the demise of those pesky cells.