Friday, April 10, 2009

Day +1

Exhausted, so this will be short.

White counts dropped from around 6.7 to around 2.8 today, expect neutropenia to set in tomorrow. Platelets falling as expected, too. Low on Potassium so they gave me two balloons worth of that. Starting Flagile to ward off some kind of GI thing that's going around. Gave us an antibiotic balloon to use in case I develop a fever.

Very, very tired. Just going to try to ride out the next week and hopefully I won't contract anything.


  1. Rest easy ~ the next little while may seem like a blur, so just let it. Your new cells are working hard and doing exactly what they should. All the things you are feeling are par for the course and you will pull out of it. You will win!

  2. Hamada and I are thinking of you during this time and wishing you well with this phase...H says it will soon pass and then you will be on your way to a nice new fresh start and gaining strength everyday... we so wish you well..keep strong. All the very best from us here in the UK

  3. Hang in there Nick!! You WILL make it through this . . .take the time to do nothing but regroup. When resting, try to visualize your perfectly healthy body. Some guided meditation (at risk of sounding "new age") really could help! I wish you and Jill great health and peace.

  4. Hopefully, the worst is over, Nick. Take it easy and let the treatment do it's thing.