Sunday, March 22, 2009

As soon as I brag...

...about the igG going down, yesterday's markers were 6500. Oh well. Not supposed to look day-by-day.

The good: still out of the hospital, slept well last night.

The bad: IgG and CRP both up. CRP over 100 now. Still can't shake this infection.

The ugly: Nausea and vomiting continues.

I got out of the apartment long enough to walk to lunch three blocks I'm exhausted. Going to rest.


  1. From what I've been able to gather from my relative (with MM) walking is one of the best daily activities that can be done. And undoubtably the fresh air has some benefits. Glad to hear of gradual progress... prayers and Reiki continue to be offered up on your behalf.

  2. Nick,
    I have heard from several oncology nurses that Kytril is one of the best anti-nausea meds for chemo patients. Tim, as well as others, have used it with great results but it seems to cost more than some of the more commonly used drugs(so is many times not offered.)
    See if you can get it if your nausea continues.

  3. Hello,

    You may or may not have seen the forum I recently started that is 100% dedicated to Multiple Myeloma. Please take a moment to sign up, tell us your story, and support others like yourself. If you like the site please add a link to us as well...