Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slow day...

I had difficulty sleeping last night because of back pain. Got up this morning and had to take some advil. It was a little better, but it still had a twinge. Jill ran to the store and the second she left, the fire alarm in the building went off. I tried to put my shoes on and tweaked the back...I had that same sick warm feeling that I had when I'd broken something. Then I had to walk down 11 flights of stairs, which was a bit of an exercise. False alarm. Somebody's possum casserole started smoking, evidently.

It hasn't gone away -- I thought it might be a side effect of Velcade but that's extremely rare. It's probably the Myeloma. It's a very good thing I am here...I was almost totally incapacitated today. Ugh.

Tomorrow...the bone marrow and the surgical installation of the central venous catheter. Then a test dose of Melphalan, and we pick up the Thalidomide. Ugh.

Nitey nite, folks.


  1. Stay tough Nick! The installation of the Catheter is really not a big deal! You will be happy to have this catheter! It makes your lab draws so much easier! I will be checking your progress every day! Jon Heggie (Myeloma partners in crime!

  2. Hang in there, buddy. And stay away from the possum casserole.

  3. Possum casserole! Hahaha!
    Hope things went well for you today.

  4. How about a recipe for Raccoon - the other dark meat? I think I know someone who can rustle it up for you... easy to prepare, too - just leave a beer bottle partially full by the door, and when the 'coon picks it up, have an empty trash can ready to pitch over the top of him/her, slam it down and slide the top underneath. Should be a top that fits, tho. You'll have to turn it 'tother side to and ... and... aw shucks, I forgot the next step. Well, if you want it, I'll contact my cuzzin... (Sending you healing thoughts, Nick & Jill.)