Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another lousy day

Worse than yesterday. I am disillusioned, disappointed and angry. If this was a diary, I would write more, but it's not. So let me just say...things are very bad. I've lost a lot of will to fight, and my energy level is depleted. I've been unflinchingly positive since diagnosis...and the events of the last couple of days have sapped that all from me.

Here's hoping things turn around. One thing is for sure: some things will never be the same.


  1. Nick. C'mon! PLEASE stay as unflinchingly positive as you can. There is SOOOOOO much life to live. You can beat this. It's worth it. Love you tons.

  2. Nick,
    When my dad had his stokes and then was diagnosed with cancer, he and all of us felt this way at times too. Know that there will be better days ahead. You both have SO much to fight for. Please don't give up or give in to these feelings. Your strength, courage and spirit will see you through this. We love and miss all of you very much and are always praying for you. Please lean on us any time. We're here for you and Jill. Love, Julie & Mike

  3. There are gonna be times like this. A few too many of the bad days string together sometimes and you find yourself slipping to the end of your rope. It will turn around. Is there any way at all that you can bring someone with you to Arkansas so the kids can come too? That kind of seperation is tough on anyone. If you had someone who could help with the kids while Jill is with you, maybe that could work. If it was a family member, they could hang with you sometimes so Jill can spend more time with the kids. I know, it's a long shot but maybe it's do-able. If not, then it has to be chalked up to a short term sacrifice for a long term benefit for them as well as yourself. Hang in there.

  4. I'm sorry that you and Jill are going through this... while our situations are pretty different I do know this process is a roller coaster and some days are much harder than others. Please know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers and if there's anything we can do from across the miles please let us know.